Generating Transformative Change (GTC)

Generating Transformative Change (GTC): Join others who are awakening to new versions of self, relationship, systems, innovation and the spirit of love for life.
Generating Transformative Change (GTC) is a cutting edge programme that aims to develop the individual in the entirety of their being. For the past 10 years, GTC has provided leaders and change agents the necessary skills and capacities to be more effective, creative and impactful.
This nine-month programme is based on decades of research into human and leadership development, and integrates a broad range of theories and practices designed to help participants acquire new skills, and grow inner capacities necessary for effective leadership in complex and demanding contexts.
17 phenomenal participants completed GTC Africa 1 here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. GTC Africa 2 is starting in December 2014.
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For information on a the Experiential Launch held on 4th October, please email, or call 0911/ 22 15 05.

GTC Africa

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Launching Generating Transformative Change – Africa (GTC), a programme that aims to enhance the effectiveness/contribution the self and one’s colleagues and teams for superior organizational performance.  The program will start in November 2013 in Addis Ababa and is offered by a company called Pacific Integral that is based in Seattle, USA.

Further details can be found attached, and at the following links as well: 

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GTC Africa Program Overview – 09 2013